Thank you & Welcome to Gravity Massage Chairs about us page.

We Are a British family run Top quality but Affordable Branded business carrying out design, manufacture supply & Retail all over the World,

Gravity Massage Chairs originally specialized in Intelligent Massage Chairs with state of the art Technology & combined Artificial Intelligence to go on and create the Number 1 UK massage Chair of All Time, The one and Only G-SPORT MASSAGE CHAIR – GET YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY. .

Gravity massage Chairs keep a very close eye on new technology all over the world to get an edge to sweep up sole rights with manufacturers worldwide, this is so that we can bring you the best possible products at the very best prices.

We originally started in the North East Of England and branched out to the whole of the U.K. & Now are a worldwide wholesale, Retail and distributor,

We only deal in a select product range that we know is going to be the most popular products in the world with a price that won’t break the bank.

We can offer such low pricing due to our streamline business strategy that works automatic which saves us money which inevitably keeps you the consumers price rock bottom.

We offer full extended warranty on all of our products as standard for 12 months with an option of replacement of the product with new which can be extended after the 12 months Standard period.

You can rest assured Gravity massage Chairs will give you the service, price & unbelievable quality that you deserve and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Our product Range is growing Rapidly with new inventions, Technology and amazing quality home living electronics so keep an eye out and sign up to our newsletter for updated products & offers when they arrive, below our current Breakthrough Gravity Chair product is now available.